Co-Extruded Film Cremona

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Co-Extruded Film Production Cremona

The production of coextruded film is the flagship production of Ogliari srl.
The polyethylene film coextruded high or low density are the best solution that is durable, flexible and wide range of applications.

Thanks to state of the art extrusion equipment, the Ogliari srl is able to make films in co-extruded with bands up to 3000 mm ensuring products to suit every need, with thicknesses on request according to the customer's needs and purpose of use.

Our machines are the best in the sector

  • top quality
  • short lead times
  • competitive prices

Co-extruded film is extremely expedient

  • high yield of the product
  • high resistance of the film

Transparent polyethylene film

The company Ogliari operates in Trescore Cremasco, produces customized high quality technical films in the format, thickness and packaging, which meet all requirements and procedures in compliance with GMP and ISO 9001 standards.

The experience and the level of technology have helped ensure the company a prominent place in the coextruded film industry both in Italy and in various European countries such as France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Romania, Spain and others.

Film coestruso Cremona
Film coestruso Cremona
Film coestruso Cremona

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Ogliari srl produces co-extruded film which is ideal for the packaging of food and other types of products.